Sunday 23 May 2010

Is There Life After Male Depression? - The Answer Lies In Your Hands!

Not heard of male depression? Well, recent reasearch reveals
that, this is a very real condition affecting men in their
mid-years of life, although there is disagreement as to the
actual cause. Some explanations blame hormonal changes and
others believe it is psychological.

Often referred to as the "mid-life crisis",this is no
laughing matter. It can remain undiagnosed for a plethora of
reasons, and can lead to marital breakup, poor performance at
work and even suicide.

But, you do not need to join the statistics. In fact, it all
depends on how you choose to travel through it.

Firstly, you can recognise male depression by the following

1. gastrointestinal problems, headaches or sexual

2. sleeping problems

3. anger

4. feeling lethargic

5. mood swings

6. frustration

7. irritability

8. becoming self-critical

9. questioning your ability to do things

10. loss of interest in sex

11. working excessive hours

12. turning to alcohol or drugs

13. overuse of the T.V. as a distraction

There is new life after male depression, and the way to
achieve it is to take the bull by the horns and create it
for yourself.  Here are a few suggestions for a smoother
passage into a new life:

1. Accept whatever unfamiliar sensations you are
experiencing instead of trying to escape having to face
them. Stop blaming yourself for your condition. If you just
go with the flow, you will be better able to cope.

2. You are going through a major transformation. Just as the
seasons change, so do our bodies and our personalities. If
you expect to feel the happy  constantly, that is
unrealistic! Instead, recognise you can handle this change,
like so many others in your life already.

3. Redefine yourself by who you are, not what you do.  If
you identify yourself just as "the breadwinner" or "the
strong one", once those roles are no longer there, you will
experience male depression. Aren't you more than just a

The way you view yourself has a big impact on how you feel.
Focus on the qualities you like in yourself and remember,
you are "in transition to a wonderful new opportunity".

4. Re-evaluate your beliefs. Identify and release beliefs
that do not serve you, such as "this is the end of the road
for me".  That is simply untrue. One way of life may have
ended but there are so many more to try!

Choose to adopt the belief that you have a higher purpose.
Search for it, find it and fulfil it. Male depression may be
a gift from your soul, helping you to discover your purpose.
It is only when we create a space in our lives that
something new can arrive.

5. Develop self-awareness. Notice when you feel down,
instead of getting frustrated or irritable with others.

You may be sailing through uncharted waters with no sight of
land, so have patience with yourself, take some quiet time to
sit and be, and you will soon discover where you are heading.

Male depression is a time of major change, uncertainty and
re-evaluation but can also be, a time of clarity, deep
reconnection to self and the beginning of a whole new,
exciting chapter in life.

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