Tuesday 25 May 2010

Coping With Depression? - Three Of The Best Ways To Bury Depression Fast And Get Back To Living!

Coping with depression can be very debilitating both
emotionally and physically. It may be a time to re-evaluate
matters so that you can reconnect to your joy and zest for

You are the only person who really knows how to deal with
what is going on for you.  Place your trust in yourself and
move forward.

If you want to bury your depression fast, here are some ways
to speed up your return to a happy life.

1. Find your joy and passion through creative expression. It
is not coping with depression, but rather transcending
it,that is needed. Continually doing things you do not
enjoy,is a recipe for a life of stress and despondency.

Choose something you really enjoy and spend some time on
that. One of the best things to reconnect with joy is
painting. Though you may not feel up to it, just have a go
and express who you are. Paint your feelings or thoughts and
make it bright and colourful.

It will help you find the beauty and light within yourself
and you may even create a masterpiece!  At the very least,
it will connect you to the deepest part of you that needs to
be heard and seen, and you will feel more alive and vibrant.

2. Create new meaning in your life. If you are coping with
depression then maybe you feel that life has lost its
meaning. Our tendency is to define ourselves as the roles we

When we can no longer fulfil those roles, we feel that life
is meaningless. In fact, it is just that our role has become
redundant because we need to find a more meaningful
definition of who we are in the world.

If you defined yourself as a "housewife" or as a
"breadwinner" and are now feeling that role is meaningless,
you are right! Roles are extremely limiting and we are
unlimited beings.

You are so much more than your role. What kind of person are
you deep down? Find all of the qualities you like about
yourself and write them down. The way out of coping with
depression is to express who we really are.

Recognising you are more than your roles and more than your
condition will help it fall away!

3. Trust your intuition. Our intuition often guides us to
health but more often than not, we ignore it, or are not
even aware of its presence.

It makes itself know by gut feelings, or knowingness or
novel ideas. It is persistent and will lead you into a
joyful life, if you will allow it.

Learn to trust and follow through on what you are feeling
and you will not end up coping with depression. If you feel
like sitting still or crying, then do so. If you are angry,
express it on paper or by punching some pillows or jumping
up and down on the spot.

Ask for guidance as to your next step, listen until you are
answered. Persist in this endeavour daily.Learn to trust
that the answer will come at the right time for you

Coping with depression will soon be a thing of the past as
you begin to reconnect with joy and creativity in your life.

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