Tuesday 18 May 2010

In Depression? - 5 Suggestions To Overcome Your Depression And Find The Wisdom Within!
Depression is widespread around the globe, hitting when we
may least expect it and leaving people wondering what on
earth has hit them. Treatment with antidepressants may
relieve some of the symptoms, yet leave the real cause

Here are 5 Tips to support you through this time in your

1. Go with the flow. Like a river flowing to the sea, just
allow yourself to be where you are right now. By doing that,
you will gain positive learning from your experience and get
through it a lot quicker. Forcing yourself to feel better or
making yourself wrong for having depression is not useful.

It is a time to honour yourself and your experience. The
ability to feel is what makes us human, and accepting
painful feelings will ultimately strengthen you, so that you
are able to face anything in your life without fear.

2. Consider your depression in a different way. Realize that
there is something new on the horizon that is going to come
in for you, and you are just letting go of the old so that
it can arrive. Be open to allowing something new into your
life. Become curious as to what this new advenure might be.

3. Ask a different question. Asking why something has
happened may keep you stuck in negative feelings so, ask
what the learning is for you instead? In this way your mind
can focus on receiving insights and finding a solution so
that you can progress in your life.

4. Meditate. Each day, take some time out of your depression
to try and relax and clear your mind. This may sound hard to
do when you are feeling down but, is vital if you want to
move through your experience and get on with your life.
Simply close your eyes for 5-10 minutes and focus on
breathing, or sit and read an inspirational book to focus
your mind on hope.

5. You are in control. That may sound ridiculous to you but
if you start to think about it, you will see that, no matter
what happens to us in life, we get to decide how long we are
going to allow it to keep us down! What happens to us may be
out of our control,but we choose when we want to get over it!
So, ponder on this often and you will know when it's time to
be over it now!

Depression is an opportunity to come to know yourself more
deeply and the ways listed above will aid you to journey
through this time. However, why spend your time trying to
manage symptoms when you can eliminate them permanently and
quickly? This leaves you free to gain the wisdom from your
experience and move forwsrd in life?

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