Tuesday 18 May 2010

Empty-Nest Depression? 5 ways To A Happier Life!

Empty-nest depression is experienced by many parents and
especially mothers, when their children leave home to start
their own lives. It is natural to feel sad and to miss not
having your children around. After all, you may have devoted
most of your life to caring for them.

Here are some easy ways to begin to navigate your way
through your depression and rebuild a new life for yourself:

1. Realize what a big CHANGE you are going through! Do not
try to resist it by putting on a brave face. Accept that you
will feel sad and allow yourself to cry.

You are grieving a loss in your life. Having said this, one
way forward if you are feeling overwhelmed by sadness, is to
set your alarm clock for 10 minutes, and let yourself cry
until the alarm goes off. Then get up and do something else
that is fun!

2. Change your perception. Recognise that you may be
perceiving your life as empty because you are upset,but that
may not necessarily be true. In order to heal your
depression, look around you and find what you do have,
rather than focussing on what is gone.

Remind yourself that you have your friends, your animals,
your partner, your neighbours. If you do feel completely
alone, go out and meet some new people, take up a hobby or
join a class or a gym to learn somethin new and occupy your

3. This is a new beginning for you. Focus on your freedom.
You now have time to pamper yourself and get out and about,
like you may not have had before. There are many meaningful
things to enjoy.

What have you always wanted to do but put aside? Go for it!
Your child would not want you to be wasting your time pining
for them. They are out getting on with their lives and would
want you to do the same.

4. Be creative. Finding your own self-expression will do
wonders to give your life more meaning and joy. Think about
what you are good at. Maybe you enjoy writing or painting,
dancing or knitting? It is your time to shine now so what
are you waiting for?

Give yourself permission to do something with your talents
that absorbs your mind, and helps your self esteem!
Depression does not have to last long.

5. Express your feelings to someone else. Talk to someone
who understands you whether it is a positive friend or
counsellor. Don't bottle your feelings up, where they can
cause ill-health. By talking about your feelings you will
gain the strength to get through this quicker.

With the above suggestions, you can begin moving forward and
creating a wonderful new life for yourself.

If your depression persists and you are finding it difficult
to move through it then there are easy ways to permanently
eliminate it from your life.

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