Friday 9 July 2010

Overcoming Christian Depression

Overcoming Christian depression is a subject that many
Christians are interested in because believers suffer from
depression just like everyone else. However, because
Christians are supposed to have the joy of the Lord, they
are often ashamed to share or admit these feelings to

Also believers may not even be aware they are clinically
depressed or if aware, do not have the courage to admit that
they have such a problem or don't know where to seek help.
This forces them into suffering in silence and their only
ray of hope of salvation lies in praying for deliverance.

Christian depression is no different from any other form of
depression and refers to a state of the mind in which a
person for long periods of time suffers from grief, sadness
as well as emptiness. They will also become apathetic and
will lose all interest in normal activities and may also
become agitated and restless. Depression also leads to sleep
disturbance and it can also disrupt a persons body weight and
their appetite.

Depression represents an ascendancy of tyranny of a persons
emotions that will overcome their entire being. Most
depression is caused by prolonged negative thinking or a
crisis like divorce or illness. The Bible says that a heart
that is merry will give rise to a cheerful countenance, but
when the person is overcome by sorrow, their hearts and
spirit will soon break. Even David suffered from sadness and
grief and his heart was very desolate and his tears were
falling all night long.

Furthermore, women outnumber men as far as being victims of
depression go. In fact, women are twice or thrice as likely
to become depressed as compared to men. Overcoming Christian
depression is all about understanding and identifying the
causes of the depression and then looking for and using a
suitable solution.

One solution in helping to overcome depression includes the
use of herbs  from God's own pharmacy. There are several
such herbs that are worth checking out and include, among
others, St. Johns Wort, ginkgo biloba, Omega-3 Mood, SAMe,
and 5 HTP. Christian meditation has also been know to help
believers learn how to control or eliminate negative
thinking, thus greatly reducing the feelings of depression.

If herbal remedies don't help or your depression is
long-lasting it is important to see a counselor or mental
health professional. They may prescribe pharmaceutical
medications on a temporary basis. Generally, depression is
treated best with a combination of medication and cognitive
therapy, helping to counteract destructive thinking.

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